The UK's No 1 BBQ Thermometer

Make over-done meat and pink sausages a thing of the past with a Thermapen Thermometer.

Thermapen is the secret weapon of the home BBQ chef. Our wireless BBQ thermometers have been saving the world from over-cooked BBQ food since 1992.

Thermapen digital BBQ meat thermometers are made in the UK at our Worthing factory and sold the World over to home BBQ cooks and professional chefs.

BBQ thermometers 

  • Thermapen ONE Thermometer

    Thermapen® ONE Thermometer.reaches temperature in just 1 second improved 5 year guarantee patented, auto-rotating display FREE traceable calibration certificate waterproof to IP67 auto intelligent cool white backlit display motion-sensing sleep mode easily configure display in °C or °F meets the European Standard EN 13485

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  • Thermapen Classic thermometer

    The Thermapen® Classic thermometer is fast, accurate and used by chefs and BBQ enthusiasts worldwide. Versatile for all your cooking needs, use on meat, fish, jam or bread Variety of colours to match your style SuperFast – reaches temperature in just 3 seconds Over 50 % faster than traditional probes FREE traceable certificate of calibration...

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  • Smoke Wireless Barbecue Thermometer

    Smoke Wireless BBQ thermometer and receiverWireless to 300-feet line of sight includes Smoke thermometer, Smoke receiver & probes pre-paired with receiver – no setup required splash-proof sealed design, rated to IP65 dashboard-style display shows max/min & hi/low alarms large backlit displays

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  • Signals 4 Channel WiFi & Bluetooth...

    Signals WiFi & Bluetooth® BBQ thermometer and alarmWiFi & Bluetooth built in accepts 4 probes simultaneously colour coded probe bands connect to smart device or use stand-alone water resistant to IP66 supplied complete with probes (3 x 810-071) & (1 x 810-076)

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  • Billows™ BBQ Temperature Control Fan

    Billows™ BBQ Temperature Control Fanmaintains constant temperature control over entire cook uses replaceable USB-C connector cables easily attaches to most smoker types without extra adapters

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  • ThermaQ 2 four channel thermocouple...

    ThermaQ 2 thermometer with four channel type K thermocouple inputsimultaneously measure four probe temperatures audible alarm with variable volume control & customised high/low facility wide temperature range -99.9 to 1372 °C waterproof housing offers IP65 protection meets the European Standard EN 13485 price excludes probes 

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  • ThermaQ WiFi Professional Barbecue...

    ThermaQ WiFi Barbecue Thermometer Kit - two channel thermocouple WiFi BBQ thermometer for remote temperature monitoringMonitor temperatures anywhere via WiFi 2 channel type K thermocouple sockets resolution of 0.1 °C/°F email alerts when alarm limits exceeded programmable high/low alarm user friendly, simple setup with free ThermaQ App perfect...

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  • ThermaQ Blue thermometer with Bluetooth LE

    ThermaQ Blue Bluetooth® thermometer kit transmits temperature data to your iOS, Android or Bluetooth® device.thermometer with Bluetooth LE transmit and monitor temperature wirelessly two channel type K input - dual monitoring ThermaQ® App for iOS & Android water resistant to IP65 FREE traceable calibration certificate meets the European Standard...

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  • DOT Digital Oven Thermometer

    DOT Digital Oven Thermometer or barbecue thermometertemperature reading in just 5 seconds supplied complete with penetration probe large backlit LCD display loud 70dB audible temperature alarm

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  • BlueDOT Barbecue Bluetooth Thermometer...

    BlueDOT Bluetooth Barbecue Thermometer or BBQ thermometerBluetooth alarm thermometer perfect for oven and BBQ use track alarms, max/min, and graph all from a free app splash-proof, commercial durability large backlit display digits can be seen from a distance

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Safety first. Ensure meat is cooked through before removing from the BBQ.
The days of cutting open a sausage or chicken drumstick to check it is done in the middle are over. With a Thermapen you can read the internal temperature of any meat while it’s still on the BBQ and know with confidence when its cooked through. Burnt on the outside and pink on the inside was never a good look for a sausage.

Make over-done meat a thing of the past
When you’re cooking over a high heat on a BBQ it’s so easy to over-cook meat. Because nobody wants to serve under cooked meat to their BBQ guests the temptation is always to give meat five minutes more than it really needs.

A quality BBQ meat thermometer will ensure your meat is cooked perfectly every time and remains succulent and juicy.

Using a BBQ thermometer is the only reliable way of checking that your food is cooked to perfection and safe for you and your guests to eat.

Why is Thermapen the UK’s best BBQ thermometer?

  • Easy to use – no confusing buttons or dials, you don’t even have to remember to turn it on or off!
  • Beautifully designed and available in a wide range of colours
  • Quality engineering – made in the UK, it comes with a FREE traceable certificate of calibration. Thermapen is trusted for its accuracy by thousands of professional chefs worldwide
  • Super Fast – see the temperature reading in just 3 seconds (Over 50 % faster than traditional probes!)
  • Long battery life - up to 3000 hours with the Thermapen professional – that’s a lot of BBQ’s!
  • Hand held, wireless and extremely lightweight
  • Spashproof casing makes it easy to wipe clean.

How to use your BBQ thermometer

Thermapen BBQ thermometers are so easy to use. Get the accurate temperature of BBQ meat in just 3 seconds, while its still on the grill…

Retract the probe (the thermometer will switch on automatically) and place into the thickest part of the meat and wait until you have a reading
Refer to our BBQ meat temperature guide to ensure your meat is cooked to the perfect internal temperature
When you’re finished, wipe clean with an antibacterial thermometer probe wipe
Rotate the probe back to the closed position (it will switch itself off automatically)

It’s not just for your BBQ either

A cooking thermometer is the perfect addition to your kitchen, it is not just great for BBQ’s, it’s an all-purpose meat thermometer & baking thermometer capable of reading the internal temperature of pretty much anything you can make in the kitchen!


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