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Cooking perfection everytime.

The Thermapen Professional helps you quickly and easily know the food you are presenting is perfectly cooked every time.


The only essential kitchen tool.

The Thermapen Classic will help you quickly and easily know that the food you are serving is safe for everyone to eat.

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Food Thermometers for Every Kitchen

Thermapen are the world's favourite food thermometers.

Say goodbye to overcooked steak, undercooked BBQ food and food fails. Say hello to perfect results in the kitchen every time.

Digital food thermometers have long been the secret weapon of professional chefs the world over. Now every home chef can have the same handheld kitchen thermometers and food temperature probes used by the professionals.

Super-fast and easy to use food thermometers

Thermapen food thermometers are incredibly easy to use, retract the probe, place the probe into the center of whatever you’re cooking and in under 3 seconds you’ll have a temperate reading telling you whether your food is cooked.

Of course, precision temperature cooking is only as good as the accuracy of your kitchen thermometer. That’s why we manufacture and calibrate every Thermapen food thermometer right here in the UK at our facility in Worthing.

Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations, Thermapen make the original and best digital food thermometers. Get yours today and join the thousands of professional and home chefs enjoying reliable results in their kitchen.

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