Every Home Baker Should Have a Thermapen!

Every baker knows the frustration of over and under baking. One day it’ll turn out perfect and the next day its under baked, same recipe, same time in the oven, different result. 

With a Thermapen thermometer those days are over. Beautiful bread, perfect pies and juicy jams can all be achieved consistently by reading the internal temperature of whatever you’re baking. Get accurate temperatures in 3 seconds with Thermapen, the baking thermometer of choice to take the guesswork out of your next bake.

All our Thermapen thermometers are made right here in the UK and dispatched from our Worthing factory.

Baking Thermometers 

  • Thermapen ONE Thermometer

    Thermapen® ONE Thermometer.reaches temperature in just 1 second improved 5 year guarantee patented, auto-rotating display FREE traceable calibration certificate waterproof to IP67 auto intelligent cool white backlit display motion-sensing sleep mode easily configure display in °C or °F meets the European Standard EN 13485

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  • Thermapen Classic thermometer

    The Thermapen® Classic thermometer is fast, accurate and used by chefs and BBQ enthusiasts worldwide. Versatile for all your cooking needs, use on meat, fish, jam or bread Variety of colours to match your style SuperFast – reaches temperature in just 3 seconds Over 50 % faster than traditional probes FREE traceable certificate of calibration...

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  • Special!

    ThermaStick Pocket Thermometers

    ThermaStick® Pocket Thermometersreduced tip for faster response large, easy to read LCD display max/min function waterproof to IP66

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The perfect bake is only a probe away

Whether you’re trying to perfect the art of Italian meringue, levelling up your bread game or getting creative with caramel you’re going to struggle to get consistent results without knowing the exact temperature of your bake. Our baking thermometer probes provide an accurate temperature reading in less than 3 seconds, when accuracy and consistency matter, bakers turn to Thermapen - the baking thermometer of choice.

As Seen On Screen

If you think Thermapen looks familiar that’s probably because you’ve seen our digital baking thermometers used by contestants on your favourite baking TV show!

Professional results at home

Unlike cheap replicas Thermapen digital food thermometers are built to last for many years even in busy professional kitchens with constant use. The accuracy, reliability, speed and ease of use of Thermapen is why thousands of professional chefs and bakers turn to Thermapen as their kitchen thermometer of choice.

Not just for baking

While Thermapen makes a great baking thermometer its also the perfect meat thermometerBBQ thermometer and all round cooking thermometer. That’s why thousands of home chefs and bakers have made Thermapen an essential bit of kit in their kitchen.

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